Phoef Sutton

Heart Attack and Vine

Heart Attack and Vine

Los Angeles bodyguard/bouncer Caleb Rush (Crush) is back in this second Crush novel, Heart Attack and Vine. When Rachel Fury, a con-artist friend who’d vanished for a couple of years after a big scam, reappears in Hollywood under a new name as a glitzy movie star, she hires Crush as a bodyguard, and he quickly gets drawn into a criminal mess that requires all his brawn, skill, and savvy to negotiate. It’s rich with Hollywood lore, New Orleans charm, snappy dialogue, fast-paced action, and noir atmosphere.


Phoebe Bridgers was kind enough to perform Tom Waits’ “Heart Attack and Vine” for the book signing at Vroman’s in Pasadena.


“Sly, knowing, and hilarious, Heart Attack and Vine is a perfect caper book set inside Hollywood’s Dream Factory that just screams ‘movie!’ Studios, please option this immediately. With its nonstop action, snappy dialogue, and wisecracking characters, this send-up of Hollywood is a surefire winner.”
—Denise Hamilton

“Like Kurt Vonnegut and T. Jefferson Parker teamed up to write a mystery.”
—W.L. Ripley

“Insanely fun and readable. Sutton writes like a great raconteur tells a story.”
—Hart Hanson, writer/creator of “Bones”

“Crush is back in town, and the Hollywood sign is in wicked, Technicolor flames. Phoef Sutton’s rabid charmers break hearts and redden all carpets, and his pages fly by on winds of wit. This sly writing has Chandler cross-hairs and is pure, CGI-free magic.”
—Richard Christian Matheson