Phoef Sutton


Crush by Phoef Sutton

Caleb Rush, a. k. a. Crush, is the toughest, coolest bodyguard/bouncer in Los Angeles, a man who lives strictly by his own moral code, which doesn’t exactly hew to the standards of US law. When Amelia Trask, the wild daughter of a scruples-free billionaire tycoon, comes to Crush for help, his quiet life roars into overdrive, and he has to use his wits, brawn, martial-arts training, and knowledge of the Russian mafia to stay alive and clean up the mess that young Amelia has created. Crush is a rollicking, page-turning ride through LA, full of action, suspense, memorable characters, and a sly wit.



“Phoef Sutton’s action-packed, smart-ass adventure Crush reads like Elmore Leonard on crack…packed with action, colorful characters, crackling dialogue and razor sharp wit. It’s a crime novel that feels like a thrill-ride…and that will leave you breathless.”
—Lee Goldberg, New York Times bestselling author of Malibu Burning

“Phoef Sutton crushes it in Crush, a non-stop, action thriller. If you like Jack Reacher, you’ll love Crush! I did.”
—Joel Goldman, author of the Alex Stone thriller series

“A witty, irreverent and sexy thrill ride through the famous guts of Los Angeles. Sutton writes his characters in great splashes of color, stirs them into a whirlwind and releases them into his world with glorious results”
—Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin

“A fast, crazy crime thriller filled with humor and smatterings of blood… This brief novel crackles with sharp dialogue—’if you can’t lie to your wife, who can you lie to?’—and a witty narrative voice that put the reader in mind of Elmore Leonard. It’s not better than Leonard, but it’s surely in the master’s league… This one could make it to the big screen, but don’t wait for the movie. Buy the book. It may be the first of a long series. ”
Kirkus Reviews